Grace Abounds.

Have you ever made a running list in your mind of wrongs someone has committed against you? Consciously or subconsciously, I am guilty of this. It’s as if I’m waiting for them to make that one huge mistake that will justify me writing them off. Call me awful, I know. It could be due to the fact that I have trouble trusting people, but I think it’s a cop out to blame it on that. I think it’s a much deeper heart issue. 

Receiving grace is so much easier than giving it. I want to be forgiven, but I don’t want to forgive others. That seems to be too difficult sometimes. So instead of practicing grace, I continue in my selfish ways of wanting to take but not give. As you can imagine, that doesn’t always work out too well. I’ve jeopardize friendships and hurt people because of my selfish habits. 

The Lord really convicted me of my heart issue in this regard recently. I take the grace I’ve been shown for granted. Let’s just review for a moment just how much grace I have been shown. There I was, bound by sin and choosing my sinful nature over Christ, and Jesus died an agonizing death on the cross to forgive me. The one who rejected Him. I was hell-bound, and He rescued me from a life of slavery to sin. Why? I can assure you it was nothing that I did. It is only out of His great love that I was shown such beautiful grace. 

From the moment I was saved, I make mistakes on a daily basis. And guess what…the Lord’s response to me is on a daily basis as well. Grace. In abundance. He sees all of my filth and sin, and He still reaches out to me in love. (Just take a moment to thank the Lord for that. I needed to as well.) Now, seeing the grace we’ve all been offered, it puts into perspective my selfishness. 

Take a moment and imagine with me what it would be like if our relationships reflected this type of grace? What if when someone wronged us, we chose to love them instead of writing them off? Imagine the response. I know that whenever I majorly screw up, I’m worried about the other person’s response towards me. Will they be mad? Will they not want to be my friend anymore? And when they come to me, say they love me despite my mistake, I see such a beautiful picture of Christ’s love. 

Where sin runs deep Your grace is more
Where grace is found is where You are

Lord I Need You – Matt Maher

I want my relationships to look like that. I want people to look at my actions in everyday struggles, and see Christ’s love for them. I want them to see grace in abundance. Because I will always make mistakes, but I also know my Savior’s response will always be grace and love for His child. I want to practice showing grace the way Jesus has shown me grace. Not because it’s in my own strength, but because I have a Savior who shows grace to me every single day in ways I could never imagine. Because my life has been transformed by grace, I want to show grace to others. 


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